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سراب / Sarab – Emna Maaref

28/09/23 سراب / Sarab – Emna Maaref

Emna Maaref is an interdisciplinary musician, electronic music producer, DJ, and Oud player, whose musical projects know no limitations in cross-genre experiments with sound. Additionally, she is a music critic with a keen interest in new musical trends and socio-cultural movements.

This episode is inspired by sonic experimentations coming from North Africa, Western Asia, and beyond.


Robert Millis - Further Evidence to the Contrary
Julmud- Ur اور
Halim El-Dabh حليم الضبع - Leiyla Visitations
Sarah Haras - Voices
Maçkalı Hasan Tunç - Ben Seni Sevduğumi
VIRUS2020 - Purification الطّهارة الكبرى
Jos Smolders - Spaces - Dans La Nuit
Zach Rowden - Like A Mirror Does - Between Chirping and Breaking
Ored recordings - Hapshima - Шагьри - Вай дила хала букiун
A Sun Amissa - Plucking Feathers From a Swan Song (I)
Pqbdae - Traversing the Void
Zamia Lehmanni - SPK - In The Dying Moments
○ Tzii — Flickering Lids
Dua saleh x tor5y - smut flavvv
Liliane Chlela - Zanbak
Pqbdae - Zyklonian Traum
Muqata'a - Quboor Mamila
Muslimgauze - Seven
Ahmed Wahbi- ya waadi

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