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سراب / Sarab – Radio Tashweesh

29/02/24 سراب / Sarab – Radio Tashweesh

Radio Tashweesh is a Roadscape of sound from the Arab scene with a large spectrum, a Road(sound)trip with an imaginative story from Casablanca to Beirut. It's a melting pot of sounds, perfume and noise provided from many Arab cities. An imaginative cubic story which Rédha M proposed from 2012 to 2014.

Rédha M is an Algerian composer and electronic music artist known for his contributions to the experimental and underground music scene in Algeria. In 2004, he launched Nepa Ios, the first Maghreb project in Industrial/Noise music, which evolved through various phases. He also initiated Hohner Comet, a Harsh Noise project, releasing EPs and splits between 2006 and 2008.


The Ursula Minor- C-Bribes
Cynthia Zaven - Morse Code Composition
Charbel Haber - Itinerant Heroes, Or..
ن مضاجعة الواقع - يوسف رخا - علي طالباب
Zaid Jabri - Solhi AlWadi in Memorian

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