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سراب / Sarab – Shawnee Camu

25/01/24 سراب / Sarab – Shawnee Camu

Shawnee Camu is a multidisciplinary artist from Amsterdam. For over 16 years, Shawnee has been experimenting with low sub bass frequencies, field recordings, ambient and the world's diverse palette of traditional music and theater to develop his own unique sound and label: Mu Djina.

Shawnee Camu: “This episode features amazing artists from North Africa and South West Asia, all with a distinctive sound and passion for their art which deeply inspire me.”


Farida - Maqam Dasht
Ghajaria - Freediving In The Sahara
Al-Mutreb Abul-Loul - Nar El Ghera
Obay Alsharani - حالِة عَمَّارْ
Noise Diva - Neoul Aih
Shawnee Camu - Lying Entombed (El-Mahdy Jr. Remix)
فيروس ٢٠٢٠ - A Hundred Lashes
Sukitoa O Namau - Taghlagel
Bachir Attar - Sidi Hamid Sherk
R.I.G - Sinbal
Jerusalem On My Mind - Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab
Raed Yassin - The Rain Prophet
Muqata’a - Marj Ibn Amer
Julmud - Falnukmel
MSYLMA - Li-Kul-I Murad-in Hijaa
Jerusalem In My Heart - 2asmar Sa7ar
Mazaher - Yawra & Rekousha

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