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sinister flower w/ Line Explorations

03/10/23 sinister flower w/ Line Explorations

Line Explorations share a collection of playful and atmospheric sounds, creating a landscape of sensory modulations for this episode of sinister flower.

An independent record label based in Sevilla, Spain, founded in 2019 by Juan Ramón, Alfonso Jurado and Antonio Manuel Sosa, Line Explorations focus on experimental, ambient music, and other avant-garde genres. In this journey through the line, spotlighting by the label’s heads, we will discover music from the past, present and from all over the universe.


Sandro Mussida - Eee
Midori Takada - Crossing
Anadol - Ay .ürüdü
Alberto Lizarralde - A l’aube
Don Cherry - Utopia & Vision
Kinzua - Hectic (Falling Leaves)
ISOR29 - Raga Soledad
David Moufang - Sergio Leone’s Wet Dream
Laraaji - Unicorns In Paradise (Excerpt)

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