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sinister flower w/ unmade

16/04/24 sinister flower w/ unmade

sinister flower is back with a new episode by unmade, writer and dj based in Mexico City. Her selection is inspired by a dislocated dream where sounds and voices flow between fragmented memories.

Scanner - Connections
Chantal Michelle - Departure of Light
Nailah Hunter - Naiad’s Lament
Zaumne - Oeil Rouge
Katie McBride - Be A Friend To All
Schacke - Senses Purified (Seoul Skyline)
James K, hoodie - Ether
Romance - Crying Is The Only Thing That Gets Me Through
Not Waving - Never Let Me Go
Florian T M Zeisig - Breccia
Malibu - Iliad
Oliver Coates - Then There (Epilogue)
Daria - Whale Song
Lisa Lerkenfeldt - Champagne Smoke
Theodore Cale Schafer - See You Soon
TWEAKS - The Serpentine
Romance, Dean Hurley - Always & Forever

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