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sinister flower w/ Muuma

11/05/23 sinister flower w/ Muuma

Introduced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, the sonic drifts created by Muuma for the third episode of sinister flower is a blend of ambient and pop resonances that reflect his universe as a producer, mainly inspired by ambient and field recordings.

Life, life - Ryuichi Sakamoto
One for me, one for you - FH HF
Circles - Jeffre Cantu Ledesma
Omni - Treasure Hunt
Into you tonight, into revolution tomorrow (Ariana grande x Lorenzo senni blend) - BDSTF
Wish u - Lukas Oppenheimer
Vacant Space - SV1
Lonely (Justin Bieber x Yamenko blend) - BDSTF
Glory - Color Plus
Halcyon - 500
Stagethree - Nunu
Andesanya - Kotrina
Chittin - eva01
Baby with a halo - Motion Ward
Orval_ (Aabey Days) - Mag
Closer to you - detente
Andante (Oneohtrix point never rework) - Ryuichi Sakamoto

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