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sinister flower w/ marie nonnis

21/05/24 sinister flower w/ marie nonnis

Marie Nonnis lives and works in Brussels. As a programmer, researcher, and disc jockey, she focuses mainly on the notions of time and space in music, with a distinct focus on phenomenology as a reflective tool. From her theoretical knowledge, she thinks and sketches a practice of sound, paying particular attention to listening.

In this episode of sinister flower, Marie embodies her interest in layers and sound textures, seamlessly transitioning between electronic and organic sounds.

4fastera - @
nueen - Hum
t0ni - trust goes both ways
Infant - Mute
Lunar Phase - Energy Portal
Xenia Reaper - O_Down
Jonnnah - The Deepest Void
Eden Aurelius - Slow Moving Bodies
Not Mass - Weirperc
tau contrib - genru
Eterna - ‘Industry Night’
Opheliaxz - Halo4K2DJ
torus - Sound Of The Drums
Andrew Pekler - Mare Insularum
Takemasa - Umi
nørd men jeg er gået rogue - this new pop secret
Caveman LSD - The Sun Will Sink Into The Ocean

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