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sinister flower w/ Uriel Olivares

14/11/23 sinister flower w/ Uriel Olivares

This episode of ‘sinister flower’ is a diaphanous celebration where sound experience arises from an ensemble of vibrant and contemplative sounds compiled by Uriel Olivares.

Uriel Olivares is a multidisciplinary artist from Mexico City working on the intersection between visual and sound arts and a longtime member of the CDMX musical community. Their mixes range from ambient to breaks to evoke an exciting and appreciative atmosphere.


Nueen - Path (feat. Gerard Sun)
Karsten Pflum - FM Sleep
Flaty - Intension
Purelik - Stadium Drive
Ex - Terrestrial - Birds
Purelink - We Should Keep Going
Brian Mcbride - Our Last Moment In Song
Serwed - Virescent
Flaty - U C
Serwed - Lima
Flaty - Mint
Purelink - In Circuits
Loscil - Lake Orchard
Serwed - Smart Home
Karsten Pflum - Sleepwald 4
Oneohtrix Point Never - Babylon (feat. Alex G)
Purelink - 4K Murmurs (feat. J)
Modern Cosmology - Making Something

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