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sinister flower w/ Phanta

21/06/23 sinister flower w/ Phanta

The fourth episode of sinister flower is an immersive and contemplative experience created by Krystel Rascón a.k.a Phanta, an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Ensenada, México. Co-founder of the independent ambient music label Antimateria Sonora.

It is a tale told by a ghost, filled with stainless memories and the silence they left behind.


Terra Incognita - Phanta
Fairground - The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
Te conocí - DJ Python
Clouds - Hiroshi Yoshimu
Aegean Airlines - The Dead Texan
Noon - Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
When the Sky Opens Out For You - Synapse
Memory is Fragile - Phanta
The Silence We Leave Behind - Phanta
Faith in Fire - Phanta
Piano Improvisation - Antiguo Autómata Mexicana
Os In Vitro - Eartheater
Naiad - Ken Ishii
Kintsugi - Meitei
Blooming - Donna Candy
Forgetting is Like Syrup - Moin
A Collection of Ceramic Vases - Body Sculptures
Cold Summer - Peter Bark
maybe we never really understood each other at all - Phanta
Ambient Wife - Inga Copeland

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