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Xpone 04 – outsidenightair

30/03/23 Xpone 04 – outsidenightair

Recorded in Chicago as outsidenightair and full of trembling textures and lyrical strings, Allison’s minimalist yet sensuous approach to sound is ever-present in this mix. Throughout, sudden pops of colour are balanced with moments of bliss, pillowy vocals, drawing a clear and blooming image of the approaching spring.

the starseeds - regina from the future
ben bondy - willows
ol - airlines (departure)
lia kohl - when glass is there, and water,
color plus - 1
slowfoam & nielll - cyberpoetics
zone farmer - untitled
pascäal - chess under pear trees
voice actor - yo-yo na
color plus - speedfoto
sunset flips - isle ling tongue shed
celestial - at the rivers edge
leaf miner - joy feather
dj lostboi - puf 2 lax
mike midnight - smiling in slow motion

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