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Xpone 11 – santebela

30/11/23 Xpone 11 – santebela

Deep and luscious dubbed out soundscapes from Tbilisi-based santebela, also known as rec.

Coming down from their recent live set at Left Bank club, the mix explores a much sweeter side of the ambient spectrum.


Special Guest DJ - a cloud u can rest on
Yolabmi - Pendulum
Giovanni Napolano - Lato A
Chino Amobi - Petina
7038634357 - Love Unbound (Underside)
land_scape - mientras afuera el viento destruye los malvones
7038634357 - Everytime
vio lino - Love song for a prayer
Yunzero - Fentoozler
Teu - Gentle Wound
Ben Bondy - The Only Part of You I Ever Really Needed
Special Guest DJ - panoramic deep love story

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