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Xpone 05 – Discka

27/04/23 Xpone 05 – Discka

For the month of April, Xpone invites Discka, a dj and host of ‘Eight Dates’–a bi-monthly show running on TEST FM radio. This mix, similar to her show's demeanour, is sensitively playful, and the personal meaning imbedded within it serves as the perfect backdrop for the vulnerable and fragile rhythms dabbled throughout.

5AM – b
Mapstation – Was Dazu Gehört
Microstoria & F.X. Randomiz –Yaun Twais Oy
Mary Yalex – Turquoise
J's Pool – Wave Machine
Jollymusic – Reversi
Dandy Jack – Direct Eyes
The Kooky Scientist – Touched By Sound
Saul – Breaking Moon (ft aden)
Action Sports – Lewis
nueen – A Pattern
rei harakami – sequence_03
Kinkid – Kiki
Lauren Duffus – Stir Fry

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