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Xpone 07 – Mike Midnight

22/06/23 Xpone 07 – Mike Midnight

Mike Midnight is an artist based out of Perth, Australia, with past works on Pneumatic and, in 2022, adding “Angel Hours”, a self-released EP, to his personal catalogue. The latter traversing through the landscape of low-lit, vocal-forward illbient.

Michael’s contribution for Xpone is full of sonic subtext, achieved through vigilant interconnection of gentle strings, poetic spoken-word and other non-invasive ambient textures.


1. Theodore Cale Schafer - It's A Mistake To Wait
2. Clerya - Cross My Mind
3. Perko - Sisu ft. Cucina Povera
4. Mu Tate - There With You Always (ft. Igor Dyachenko & Mathilde)
5. 1610world - 3
6. James K - Destroying Angel
7. Naemi - Day Drifter (with Perila)
8. Stina Nordenstam - The Man With A Gun
9. Kamitani - No Circle
10. Electrical Lovers - Deep Spring
11. Cèline - In The Sun
12. J. Albert Meets Will August Park - Residuals

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