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Xpone 12 – Mark Dartau

08/02/24 Xpone 12 – Mark Dartau

One year later, the twelfth and last episode of the show was recorded by Mark Dartau — the founder and 1/2 of Xpone.

A finale that draws conclusions from the past year and looks forward to what is yet to come.

effe - desert castle
Secede - Unbound
Xela - Her Eyes Sparkled and She Walked Away
Vektormusik - Carux
Daniel Blumberg - HOLDBACK
Voice Actor - What It's Worth
quinoline yellow - if iwastickledbytheruboflove
heoliene - convalescence
qwqwqwqwa - Red Monday
Vektormusik - ABC
Astrid Sonne - Do you wanna

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