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Xpone 06 – Office Slave

23/05/23 Xpone 06 – Office Slave

Quick overview of the work of Public Record label — a diverse group of artists under the name Ultra-red. A community that spoke different art languages, raising deep issues of society at various public talks, community gatherings, listening sessions and other activities. Music and non-music mixed by Office Slave.

Ultra-Red – Lewd Conduct (Unnatural Microphonics)
Ultra-Red – Mejor Práctica
Ultra-Red – 021012 Union De Vecinos At Japan America Museum, Downtown
Ultra-Red – Liberté de Mouvement
Soft Pink Truth – The Boy Who Cried Silence Equals Death
Ultra-Red – An Archive Of Feelings, 1987 To 1992
Laurence Rassel & Terre Thaemlitz – A special message from Virginia Woolf
Terre Thaemlitz – 1980’s Christian New Wave (Found Source) (Tokyo)
Elliot Perkins – Non EU
The Vectorist – Hegemony(London)
Sony Mao – 980509 Ak Solitary StrikeTerminal, LA Har, stralian MuMuMu bor
Ultra-Red – Ritmo Armado
Ultra-Red – Movement for Airports
WR – Detention Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ultra-Red – Interior Design

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