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Xpone 02 – mu tate

26/01/23 Xpone 02 – mu tate

For January, Xpone returns with a mix by mu tate, a London-based artist, whose work focuses on deeply immersive, dubbed-out ambient soundscapes.

The recording delivers an utmost serene and beautiful atmosphere, featuring flowing acoustic compositions, that hold a neatly crafted sense of tranquility from start to finish.

George Vlad - Massive thunderstorm approaching in the Amazon rainforest
Mladen Lalic Milinkovic - Loka
M.E.S.H. Ihnaemiauimx
snaily - in the rainy night with you
IAA - Boy, Dove
bugs - christnmas song in summer
endtransmission - 010122 dust
Lunafreya - Rain fall
oldstar - ableton test
Lovefear - Breathe
Fatshaudi - Sing Softly
crimeboys - Deja Entendu w/ James K
Ean - Fragments of the Past
asciiwings - 10 - 26 - 21
kibosh - Reverse Clouds
Heith - Interlude
outsidenightair - dream draft
saliclaire - seagull
ichikoaoba - oyasumi VACANT
baby bong - spilling atmosphere
Bowery Electric - Over and Over
Spotline - Daydream meadow
Lunafreya - world end
GG12 - Today I Saw You
Skyleo - Thank You

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