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Xpone 10 – Slowfoam

07/11/23 Xpone 10 – Slowfoam

One hour of audial cataclysms by Slowfoam for the first double digit instalment of Xpone on With pressurised soundscapes at the forefront, a certain warmth is still felt beneath — an almost tactile sentiment.

A slow wander between anxious strings, minimalisms and glitches.


Kensho Nakamura - dive woodz
qwqwqwqwa - Observing
a. nonaj - Crazy dream2
Torus - Pier
Pablo Diserens & Madelyn Byrd - ice on ice
Ellen Arkbro - Sculpture II
Felisha Ledesma - Part 2
Olli Aarni - Ikkuna auki uneen
Mike Cooper - The Wild Birds Of Bluesealand
Tsembla - The Hole in the Landscape
Matmos - Plastisphere
Oval - Zentrik
Marja Ahti - Ashes Over Hatching Eggs
a. nonaj - something i cannot name
usof - Place Of Birth
Angelo Harmsworth - The Impossibility Of Listening
JEMAPUR - Reminiscence II (Vondelpark)
Patrick Shiroishi - there is no moment in which they are not with me
Ametsub - Solitude

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