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GUESTS 103 – Erik K Skodvin

08/04/20 GUESTS 103 – Erik K Skodvin

“Escapism, weirdness, melancholy and distress for the new and the old world.”

Erik K Skodvin is an experimental musician from Norway, Currently based in Berlin. He runs the label Miasmah and is also active as Svarte Greiner and a half of the Deaf Center duo.

Ghedalia Tazartés - Country 1 (Jardin Au Fou / Holidays Records)
Zoffy - Barom Cross (Synesthetic Recordings)
Stefan Wesolowski - Psalmodia (Ici D'Ailleurs / Gustaff)
Ivic - In your rosary (JSMЁ)
Black Zone Magick Chant - Where will we meet when our ashes are spread in the wind (Shelter Press)
Ingrid Schmoliner - Grul (Corvo Records)
Jean Guerin - Ca va lecomte (Souffle Continu / Futura)
MJ Guider - Evencycle (Kranky)
Razen - Adhista Ayik III (Kraak)
Eliza McCarthy & Mica Levi - Riding through drinking harpo dine (Slip)
Stine Janvin Motland - Sorting it all out (Pica Disk)
Seismographic Fabrics - (wire) (Seismographic Fabrics)
Ø - Olematon (Sähkö Recordings)
Juv - Lys (Miasmah)
Jake Muir - High Tide (Sferic)
Black To Comm - The Seven of Horses (Thrill Jockey)
Kukengandai - Mure (Ideologic Organ)
EN - City of Brides (Students Of Decay)
Rainbow Grave - Year Zero (God Unknown Records)
Alex Zhang Hungtai - Pierrot (NON)

// Many tracks are layered, overlapping or not played in their full length

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