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GUESTS 64 – nerest

18/04/19 GUESTS 64 – nerest

Mix by nerest, an experimental project of the academic flutist Ivan Bushuev. Minimalistic tones, electrified soundscapes and resurging spoken word, which transforms the atmosphere of the mix. Tracks by Pan Sonic, Yves De Mey, Toshimaru Nakamura and Jan Jelinek.

pan sonic - linjat.lines
hoahio - chatchat
beequeen - daad
zane trow - Initled
maria w horn - ave
miguel a. garcia - itapoa (for rafael flores)
clipping. - dream
sergei newski - alles
einstürzende neubauten - i kissed glenn gould
autechre - interview | sachiko m - 33
yves de mey - at long last
toshimaru nakamura - nimb51
jan jelinek - john cage, i’ve been told to ask you the following question - where are you going
ambarchi/fennesz/pimmon/rehberg/rowe - afternoon tea II
jose m. sanchez-verdu - scene 2 dining room
keiji haino/zeitkratzer - k.stokhausen - aus den sieben tagen: nachtmusik
food - tofu

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