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GUESTS 66 – инфх: Suspended Noises

24/04/19 GUESTS 66 – инфх: Suspended Noises

Intense mix on the extremes of experimental composition, comprised of distorted rhythmic noise, ghostly melodies and echoes and heavily processed cut-up beats.

ИНФХ - Suspended Noises ( s - e )
Rian Treanor - ATAXIA_D3
IVVVO - Last Days Ft Maxwell Sterling
Rene Hell - var_len
Ivan Skoryna - Love Poem
The Caretaker - Confusion So Thick You Forget Forgetting
Dominique Lawalree - Musique Satieerique
Myriam Bleau - Constructivism
Minnie Riperton - Loving You
Matmos - Thermoplastic Riot Shield
t+pazolite - I Still Think About Y%#'()_*{\\"'&36)%("'$&''&(15y!!!_??*`~
2562 - The Times
Myriam Bleaue - All the Talk of the Market
Pavel Milyakov - 01 micro sea
IVVVO - This is Dog
Qebrus - ᐔ ᐌ ᐂ ᐍ ᐚ - 03 ᗛ ꕢ ꔮ ᕳ≒ᐍ ꔆ ᐂ≓ᕲ ꔮ ꕢ ᗘ
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - The Zika Slam
Гражданская Оборона - Шел Я Мимо Мавзолея (concert stoped by KGB)

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