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GUESTS 163 – Daphne X: How Grandma Lost Her Buffalo

10/10/22 GUESTS 163 – Daphne X: How Grandma Lost Her Buffalo

Selection of Pontic Greek folk music with subtle digital sound interventions and audio processing by Daphne Xanthopoulou, a sound artist, curator, radio host and new media artist of Anatolian Greek descent.

In her artistic practice, heavily influenced by new materialisms with an intersectional feminist and decolonial standpoint, she uses sound, poetry and speculative fiction to expose the [im]material infrastructures that retroaliment our technological dependency, and to explore and apply alternative economies of collective composition, environmental listening, and communal healing.

She’s currently focused on vocal work, folk song-writing and communal story-telling in terms of collaborative world-building practices, and intergenerational trauma processing.

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