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GUESTS 135 – Vlad Dobrovolski: Agni Links

22/04/21 GUESTS 135 – Vlad Dobrovolski: Agni Links

With Agni Links the composer Vlad Dobrovolski achieves an effect that is most similar to watching a flickering flame or listening to the murmur of a stream in the woods by superimposing musical layers. Obvious symmetries and patterns arise before being sublimated with the whole, with any attempt to closely follow any of them to their conclusion, stymied by the apparent confusion of notes played at any moment: two or more different melodic waves converge and break up in different time layers, all of them usually played simultaneously.

Lieven Martens — The Habu Snake, an Archipelago V
SUGAI KEN — Kabau Remix
Raft of Trash — Likeness on the Edge of Town
Francesca Heart — Nini Giardini
Aki Tsuyuko — Dinosaur Garden
Vic Bang — Whizz
TRj — Scene 6: Second Abandoned Highway
Tau Contrib — Kali Drips
Tone Language — Field Piano Form
Genzan Miyoshi & Junnosuke Yamamoto — 漂泊
Merope — Alma
Patricia Brennan — Point of No Return
Randy Greif — The Numbers Cage
Koss — 1978To2008
Сад — Восĸ Пустоши
Étant Donnés — S’envole
Rudiger Lorenz — Purple Sunrise
Ai Yamamoto — Far Away Home Away
Émile Zener — Laguna Cibernetica I
Josef Resl — Toxic Substances
Yunomi — Botanical Green

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