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GUESTS 29 – Kindohm

18/09/18 GUESTS 29 – Kindohm

Holographic ambient and broken beats created with computer algorithms.

Голографический эмбиент и ломанные ритмы, созданные с помощью компьютерных алгоритмов.

00:00 Percival Pembroke: Beneath Apple Manor
02:17 Spednar: Exoburb
04:39 Sebastian Camens: untitled
06:56 AGF: ENfys nEST [Hollywood]
11:00 Lisaj: Skalyr
18:11 Forces: RiSE
22:10 William Fields: Nince
24:24 rhgt: p o l y m e r
28:00 Calum Gunn: According To The
32:24 Daniel M Karlsson: Contextually relevant
37:45 Kindohm: untitled lime
40:53 Kindohm: It's Not You It's Me (quitting edit)
43:48 Renick Bell: Learning Through Mistakes
46:05 Pokk!: 0002.pch2
50:00 Positive Centre: In Extracts


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