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GUESTS 91 – Dima Nikolaienko

20/11/19 GUESTS 91 – Dima Nikolaienko

This audio collage doesn’t have the straight order, it consists of the excerpts from the materials of the label Shukai (released and unreleased yet music for TV and animation films from 60-90s) and Nikolaienko’s personal audio works (released and unreleased yet solo and collaborations w/ Indirect and Artur Mine from 2015-2020).

At some point you can hear: Victor Vlasov music for “The Air Seller” 1967, Vitaly Godziatsky music for “The Stone On The Road” 1968,  Aleksandr Zatsepin music for “The Rainbow Formula” 1966 and “Captain Nemo” 1975, Volodymyr Bystriakov music for “The Battle” 1986 and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” 1982, Shandor Kalosh music for “I Give You A Star”, 1974, Nikolaienko “Gusev Effect” 2015, Indirect Meets Nikolaienko “Dazed Night” (w/ Mads Emil Nielsen) 2016,  Nostalgia Por Mesozóica “Troglodyte” 2020 (Nikolaienko and Artur Mine), Nikolaienko “Dniprovski Hvyli” 2020

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