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GUESTS 159 – Ab Uno

03/05/22 GUESTS 159 – Ab Uno

Eugenio Petrarca and Roberto Di Ciaccio of the Berlin-based duo Ab Uno return with a hypnotising seance blending spiritual singing with haunting harmonies and field recordings.

Alvin lucier - Music on a long thin wire
Yuri Camisasca - Evoluzione Interiore
Kkum 30 - ENA
Neel - A Thought Without Time
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. - Minnen av morfar
Enrico Piva - 35kg (1989)
Prurient - Christ Among the Broken Glass
Hems - Chaotic Affair 
Abul Mogard - Against a White Cloud
Ab Uno - unreleased
Irena and Vojtech Havlovi – Radek 2

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