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GUESTS 113 – Nice Strangers: Disorientation

26/05/20 GUESTS 113 – Nice Strangers: Disorientation

Nice Strangers is a music project and radio show by the London based selector Silvia Malnati.

“I am fascinated by how field recordings, spoken word, hazy soundscapes have even a bigger impact on our feelings in this weird moment, a time that we're spending mostly alone with ourselves,” explains Sylvia. “They can disorientate ourselves and create new imaginary spaces. In this mix, I enjoyed experimenting with animal and natural sounds, distorted voices, poetry and choruses and see how sound can change the perception of the space where we are forced to live in now: our house in opposition to the outside world.”

Knut Victor - Le Petit Duc pt. 2
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Story Of The Wind
Andrew Liles - Safety In Numbness
Franco Battiato - Ti Sei Mai Chiesto Che Funzione Hai?
Maggi Payne - Back To Forth
Robin Saville - Bojagi
Nick Malkin - Perfect Terminal
Georgia - Future Resident
Muslimgauze - Karnic Frazzle
Ariel Ramirez & Stavros Xarhakos & Giorgos Dalaras - Kyrie (excerpt)
(((vlubä))) - Mu Camel
Fernando Pessoa - Ontem à tarde…
Group A - Circulation
Atlantis Transit Project - Bird Perspective
Acolytes - Night Air
Yeah You - Feet (she is not listening)

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