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06/06/24 GUESTS 191 – AHMED ALAA

AHMED ALAA, an Egyptian DJ and artist based in Cairo and known for his performances that merge ambient, noise, and industrial sounds, delivers a mix with precise selection deeply rooted in his thoughts and visions. While some of the tracks represent the serene darkness, others depict the sea, with the interplay of wind and waves, the lights of far-off ships, and the vagueness of the picture, which is perfectly expressed by the distorted sounds.


Couronne de Merde - A Place to Hide
Puce Mary - If No One Knows
Matriarchy Roots - Greatest Escape
Ancestral Voices - The Green Man
Anthony Linell - Advanced Spiritual Evolution
Malibu - Atlantic Diva
August Skipper & Cunce - The Skin Of Strangers
Only Now x Beneath The Ruins - Illusion
Appropriate Savagery - Sunk Offshore, One Single Oath
The Empire Line - Amour Nocturne
Blanck Mass - Aftermath
MattxIbarra - Message of The West
Eloim - The Future Is Our
Island People - Song for the Sea
Rune Bagge & Iron Sight - Salvation
Isorinne - Fördelning av tyngd
Answer Code Request - STS - 1-1981
Jonnnah - Loneliness and Isolation

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