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GUESTS 157 – Petteril

19/04/22 GUESTS 157 – Petteril

‘Anemoi’ is a mix created by Petteril during storm ‘Malik’, which hit Cumbria (UK) in late January 2022. Watching the storm from the window, Petteril reactively selected tracks that either physically or aesthetically embodied ‘wind’. In Ancient Greek mythology the ‘Anemoi’ were wind gods.

Petteril makes emotive, textural, electroacoustic music inspired by the complexities of the human condition, nature and the parallels between the two. Using a dying accordion, baritone guitar, field recordings and electronics, Petteril improvises, manipulates and processes sound to craft narrative driven musical collages—a cathartic response to personal struggles and rural remote living.

Patrick Shiroishi — Beachside Lonelyhearts
Hiro Kone — Parting Phrase
Arve Henriksen — Leaf and Rock
Vladislav Delay — Musta Planeetta
Masayoshi Fujita — Thunder
Vanessa Amara — 27-04-2016
KMRU — Obyek
Minua — Final Service
Mabe Fratti — Que Me Hace Saber Esto
Autechre — r cazt
Caterina Barbieri — Fantas for Saxaphone and Voice (feat. Bendik Giske)
Richard Skelton — Fold
Kali Malone — Sacrificial Code I
Berk Icli — Outro (P s. 64)
Ulla Strauss — Far Away
Frank Morgan — Lullaby

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