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GUESTS 82 – Adam Dove

10/09/19 GUESTS 82 – Adam Dove

Mix contributed by Adam Dove, an electronic musician and sound artist based in London and Paris. Adam works with noisy textures and soundscapes woven with rhythm, abstract sounds, archived material and field recordings.

Adam Dove - Hidden/Yet
Jasmin Guffond - Rehear
Ross Manning - Small Increments
eye measure - The Whole Thing Gets Vaguer Every Second
unromantic - mise en abyme
Richard Devine - Recordings from the DPA 8011 Underwater Omnidirectional Microphone
Kareem Lofty - Rokurokubi
Erik Tisu - Christmas Bells & Ceiling Face (P, B1 & B4)
Lieven Martens Moana - Three Amazonian Essays (Excerpt)
Adam Dove - Replica
Jasmin Guffond - Sonic Walker Documentation
Noumenal Loom - Toiret Status - #45 (feat. Nozomu Matsumoto)
Broshuda - Face2 / Parris 479 Electronic Explorations Rip
anòmia - ANM032 Bhob Rainey "Sinter" Excerpt
Jasmine Guffond - Post Human
Broshuda - Jemi
Heith - Tree Stand
Soda Lite - Valley of the Acacia
Harpey - Veins
exael - miche
f p h - f r s t
Zika Boys - Tadpole Bed [ANCIENT WATER]
death kneel - bound together
Celyn June - A Chrome Past/Stamina

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