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GUESTS 48 – Art Crime

22/01/19 GUESTS 48 – Art Crime

A dramatic collage of somnambulistic loops, distant melodies, subtle noises and percussion brought together by the Moscow-based producer Art Crime.

DJ Exilevevo – Greed feat. read by hikari
Softman – 500ms_12
De Leon – A3
Spiritflesh – Dream Therapy
Art Crime – Pr society
CS + Kreme – Eyes on Ceiling
Le Combat – The Tower
Second Woman – Apart II
Oxhy – Psalms of the Khori Puma (feat. Elysia Crampton)
Tilman Hornig – XXX Track 1
Bendik Giske – Adjust [Total Freedom Remix]
Haron – Caverne
Laurel Halo – Mercury
Vatican Shadow – Loyal To The Deceased
Teresa Winter – Canticles of Ecstasy
Keru Not Ever – Dogville
Nima Aghiani – Kah-Gash
Kailin – Chatter
Rve – Wulan Butong
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – What Remains
Klara Lewis & Simon Fisher Turner – Drone
Wrong Dials – Brightness

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