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GUESTS 75 – zzmln

27/06/19 GUESTS 75 – zzmln

Mix by the electronic producer zzmln features hissy ambient, subdued dub rhythms and moving spoken word. Tracks by Basic Channel, Topdown Dialectic, Тальник and Tom James Scott.

1.Colophon - Amsterdam
2.Basic Channel - Mutism
3.uon - Nod
4.Topdown Dialectic - 20170804-02 space x - yubikiri
6.DJ Exilevevo - Greed feat read by hikari
7.Тальник - Ваза Вечерняя space x - futari dake
9.Tom James Scott - Strake
10.Harun Farocki x Philip Sulidae x The Witcher III Gameplay - Mountains Fyresdal Skellige Isles MICHAELBRAILEY edit
11.Alley Catss - Valenct

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