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GUESTS 133 – Secret Colors

13/04/21 GUESTS 133 – Secret Colors

Secret Colors is an ambient musician and DJ from San Antonio, Texas, who has been releasing records for 10 years now (Aguirre, Group Tightener, Debacle, Lillerne, etc). In the original music he records, as well as his mixes, he seeks to come up with something transportive and transcendent, with an emphasis on atmosphere and emotion.

florian t m zeisig - conversationalist
future antico - ao ao
daniel schmidt - accumulation
tetsu inoue - health loop
dylan henner - i was reading the news but i felt so sad i had to stop
more eaze ft ben bondy - priority
picnic - dewey
tau contrib - kali drips
jake muir - high tide
pontiac streator ft ultrafog - breathe out
nueen - v444v
troth - nomadic green
cofaxx - shell collector
dj plead - RT5
folder - attached seeds
geotic - uncaught
free dust - early gray

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