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GUESTS 149 – Ben Owen

26/10/21 GUESTS 149 – Ben Owen

Guest mix by Ben Owen, a New York-based experimental sound artist, field recordist and the founder of Winds Measure Recordings label, which releases limited editions in handprinted packaging made by Ben's sustainable press shop Middle Press.

Derek Baron - Mach's Proof of Asymmetry (1871) - Fourteen Latches of Heaven and Earth
Jordan Paul - Longrolls (streaming audio excerpt)
Lionel Marchetti + Cat Hope (Performed by Decibel) - The Earth defeats me (excerpt) - The Last Days Of Reality
Shuta Hiraki - Across The Empty Lot 2 (excerpt) - Across The Empty Lot
Savvas Metaxas - Objects - Silent Sound
Gescom - Fully - MiniDisc
Pan American - Nightbirds (excerpt)
Ian Epps - In Kelvin's Distance (Air Turns to Water, Water to Air-Edit) (excerpt) - Cave of the Eye
Seefeel - Ashime - Rupt and Flex (1994 - 96)
Gescom - Shoegazer - MiniDisc
Mika Vainio - Secondhand Twilight - Reat

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