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GUESTS 99 – Lena Tsibizova

18/02/20 GUESTS 99 – Lena Tsibizova

Lena Tsibizova is a photographer and electronic musician from Moscow. In her mix, lo-fi guitar riffs meet washed out drones, ominous atmospheres and arrhythmical beats.

Tropa Macaca - lado b
Years On Earth - I Know You
Bourbonese Qualk - Mapiyal
This Mortal Coil - Acid, Bitter And Sad
Grant Bouvier - Ghosts Once More
Chafik Chennouf - Virus
Cabaret Du Ciel - T.V. Sky
Helena Celle - Streaming Music for Biometrics + pelican daughters - Cradle
three legged race - All Ajax Dial
????? from faitiche
Dead Man's Lifestyle - Common Lush

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