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23/01/20 GUESTS 93 – AM

AM is a duo of sound designers for fashion and art based in Paris, who curate music for shows, showrooms, exhibitions and performances along with running their own mix series for Etudes. Their mix for is filled dense hissy ambient, explorations of rhythm and a strong sense of nostalgia.

Submerged Dragon - Hiro Kone
Static (with Kareem Lotfy) - mutate3k
Brave Warrior - Sangam & Kid Smpl
Moo Orphaned Drift - Lanark Artefax
Brex Me Down - France Sauvage
Voz (Instrumental) - Shanti Celeste
5 Violinos - DJ Nigga Fox
Terdam (ft JJ100KB) - Delavit
戦争 (War) (feat. st.fkn.michael) - Hanzo0
Living - 700 Bliss
Invisible Machine - Celestial Trax
The Beginning Of A Long Travel - Marco Uson
Mechanical Fantasy Box - Patrick Cowley
Kvävd - Evigt Mörker

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