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GUESTS 179 – naîve

03/08/23 GUESTS 179 – naîve

Using sharp, weird, calm, chaotic and extraterrestrial sounds, naîve delivers a sincere story of a character learning to perceive various sides of imaginary loneliness and real honesty towards other people and towards herself. Through misunderstanding and deceptive desires she reached the truth and healing love, outgoing from the inner world.


1. Deft-Every Single Thing
2. Hoavi-Sosnovka Voices
3. Patricia Wolf- A Conversation With My Innocence
4. Yialmelic Frequences- Clunk
5. RAMZi- awakenin
6. Andrew Osterhoudt, Ka Baird-Crowds
7. Huerco S.- Hiromis Theme
8. Ahnnu-Passer/7
9. Neinzer-Ronda
10. Felicia Atkinson-Becoming a Stone
11. Arthur Russell-Answers Me
12. Andy Mac-10
13. Richard Jr. Riviera-Andy’s story
14. SSIEGE-Copro Libero
15. Salamanda-Overdose
16. Best Available Technology-Venom..
17. OL-Bercy Station
18. 19comeups-Red Spawn
20. Two Lone Swordsmen-Hope We Never Surface
21. usof-hotbeds
22. Alexi Baris-To Fall Out Of Spring
23. Birch-Group of Locked Relatives
24. sora-La Cathédrale Engloutie
25. goo age-qnpLUB
26. HTRK-Flower and Fruit
27. Cosmic Neighbourhood- Elf Door
28. Mpala Garoo-Open Way Up High
29. Flaty-Lamen Pit
30. Ethereal Logic-Hidden Path
31. Cut Chemist-Plains
32. Omega-Gyöngyhajú Lány

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