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GUESTS 115 – nystagmus

04/06/20 GUESTS 115 – nystagmus

Kay Khachatryan or nystagmus, a sound artist and experimental musician from Yerevan, delivers an episode aimed to create a narrative that has reached its ultimate form, leaving no place for culmination or resolution — just like an empty cocoon. For this, nystagmus employs mellow tones, atmospheric sound design, and cues from avant-garde music.

”The main idea behind my sound work is that of a trampled cocoon, which, in terms of general plot, represents a single episode,” explains Kay. “While the butterfly is still inside, the cocoon itself is in the foreground of the story. Yet here, I'm more interested in the secondary plot — the empty cocoon, from which the butterfly has already flown away. Its form symbolically describes the movement trajectory and evolution stages of the pupa. But the development/progression of the story begins at the point, where it seems that it has already ended. So, the main idea behind this work is to present a sort of finished development/progression, that leaves no place for culmination or resolution.”

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