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GUESTS 60 – Jessica Ekomane

02/04/19 GUESTS 60 – Jessica Ekomane

Berlin-based electronic musician and sound artist Jessica Ekomane's selection combines free jazz, dense ambient palettes and scattered rhythmic structures.

Angelo Badalamenti - Accident / Farewell Theme
Eli Keszler - 'Stadium' live at The Kitchen
Zu - Anatomy Of A Lost Battle
Robin Hayward - Bite Of The Orange
Ellen Arkbro - ˚•*¨
Popol Vuh - The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner soundtrack
Mika Vainio - Conquering The Solitude
Alex Zhang Hungtai - Pierrot
Dialita - Kupandang Langit
Sarah Davachi - Evensong
Vera Ward Hall, Dock Reed & Henry Reed - Moaning (I'll Soon Be Gone)
Compound Eye - Archaic Atmosphere
Gagaku. Court Music of Japan - Manzairaku Irite
Andrea Belfi - Anticline

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