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GUESTS 182 – Past Palms

19/09/23 GUESTS 182 – Past Palms

Past Palms is a nature-inspired producer from Virginia creating lush, ambient music, colored by intimate strings, granular textures, and layers of field recordings.

His EP ‘Portraits’ will be released on September 22nd in connection with the autumnal equinox.


Past Palms - Looking for a Home
Claire Rousay - it feels foolish to care
Benoit Pioulard - Lune
Ulla - i think my tears have become good
Clams Casino, Jazztronik - Through the Tunnel
Nala Sinephro - Space 5
Nailah Hunter - Bassin Bleu
Past Palms - Open Window
KMRU - Lune
Maxwell August Croy - Beehive Cluster
Past Palms - Stained Glass
Yusaku Arai - 雑木林
Laurel Halo - Atlas
Nueen - Centro Girls
Past Palms - Running Water
Past Palms - Light Falling Everywhere

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