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GUESTS 190 – MVRGN / Anything Pointless

19/03/24 GUESTS 190 – MVRGN / Anything Pointless

Anything Pointless, an expansive and uncompromising experimental producer now based in London, crafts bright and glassy sound-art landscapes. Employing granular technology, he stretches and manipulates digital air in unexpected ways.

MVRGN, an artistic entity hailing from Turin, delves into dense soundscapes, meticulously manipulating and reassembling them. Their research is an exploration of sonic textures and emotions.

In their collaborative live set, ethereal textures and fluid melodies take center stage. Conventional structures dissolve, giving way to a realm of pure sensations. Electronic instrumentation merges seamlessly with organic elements, resulting in a sonic tapestry that envelops and transports.

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